IBM Message Broker logging overview

Provided from IBM Message Broker platform

  • Rudimentary Activity-Log (Start/End Broker, deployments etc. Operational perspective)
  • Standart error logging (flow or transaction fails, queue full etc.)
  • Logging in Flow (LOG Command in ESQL, Logging from Java Compute Node)
  • Trace Node
  • Monitoring events


  • Log4j
  • File Output Node
  • Logging into Database
  • Logging into MQ Queue

Logging typeTargetControlContent

Activity Log Syslog No Operational info
Standart error log Syslog No Operational info (unhandled exceptions)
Logging in flow Syslog Output from ESQL (LOG statement) and Java ComputeNode (e.g. MbService.logInformation) Any. single line of text.
Trace node One of: local error log (syslog), user trace (binary), file. Enable/Disable trace. Message from message flow and additional predefined message from message catalog.
Monitoring events MQ Topic Enable/Disable events. Only method for logging BEFORE flow begins (transaction start). Only method for log transactions. Anything in $Root, $Enviroment, $LocalEnviroment, $Properties, $DestinationList.
Log4j Any log4j destination Only from Java ComputeNode Any
FileOutputNode Any file path Per dynamic routing possible. Anything in $Root, $Enviroment, $LocalEnviroment, $Properties, $DestinationList.
Database logging Database From ESQL or Java Compute Node Any
Logging into Queue Queue MQ Output node in flow needed. Online Enable/Disable per dynamic routing possible. Message (But any message can be constructed by preceding node).

Local Enviroment (Dynamic Routing)
Message Broker Logs
Message Broker Trace
Message Flow Monitoring

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